My paper in Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences (FCDS) is available from the publisher

A new paper entitled “Software measurement and defect prediction with depress extensible framework” by Lech Madeyski and Marek Majchrzak (Capgemini Poland and WUT) has been published in the Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences journal, vol. 39, pp. 249–270, December 2014. DOI: 10.2478/fcds-2014-0014. DePress software measurement na predictive modeling platform is available as an open source project from GitHub (ImpressiveCode-DePress).

Here is the abstract of the paper:

Context. Software data collection precedes analysis which, in turn, requires data science related skills. Software defect prediction is hardly used in industrial projects as a quality assurance and cost reduction mean.

Objectives. There are many studies and several tools which help in various data analysis tasks but there is still neither an open source tool nor standardized approach.

Results. We developed Defect Prediction for software systems (DePress), which is an extensible software measurement, and data integration framework which can be used for prediction purposes (e.g. defect prediction, effort prediction) and software changes analysis (e.g. release notes, bug statistics, commits quality). DePress is based on the KNIME project and allows building workflows in a graphic, end-user friendly manner.

Conclusions. We present main concepts, as well as the development state of the DePress framework. The results show that DePress can be used in Open Source, as well as in industrial project analysis.

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